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Aria Clemente

Post  Sarah on Wed Apr 15, 2009 6:41 am

Let us get to know more of Aria Daniella Clemente, the 2007 Grand Champion Performer of the World (Junior Division) in the World Championships of Performing Arts held at Holywood, USA.

Aria was born on August 29, 1995 at Malolos, Bulacan as Aria Daniella H. Clemente. She still wishes to have siblings from her parents, Jonnel Clemente and Theresa Hernandez - Clemente. She's turning 12 years old and is in Grade 6. Someday, when she gets older, she wishes to be a successfull broadway artist and form a better person in her.

Whenever she gets home, she sees to it that all her homeworks and projects are finished so that she can watch TV and see her favorite actor, Gerald Andersson. She had a funny experience during the taping of Little Big Superstar. She approached Gerald and Kim Chiu at their Dressing Room, not knowing that "Bokbok" is just in his boxers, getting ready to dress up. She remembered her most embarassing experience in grade school, when she entered a rest room in her school that totally didn't have any sign on it, just realizing that the next person falling in line at the cubicle were boys. She was ashamed and ran to her classroom.

Anyways, she wants to become, her greatest inspiration, like Lea Salonga and perform in the theaters of London, when she grows older. That is the reason she is striving hard to learn the art. Her supportive parents enrolled her before in a music school and she is currently in the Trumpets, where her friends, Sam Concepcion and Christian Bautista are also in. She also admiresthe talents of the Black Eyed Peas and The Company.

Her parents were impressed to Aria when, at the your age of 3, she started humming some notes. She discovered her singing talent at the age of 6, singing the ABC song with different emotions. Her mom used to buy cassette tapes of different children-themed albums and Aria loved to play them over and over until the time comes she remembers all the songs, including the skits! And up to now, she still can recite it, including the concert album skits and accent of Lea Salonga including "Magandang gabi po sa inyong lahat. Ako po si Lea Salonga. I am a Filipino and I am very proud to be pinoy!"

In her spare time, she reads books in the library and shops in the mall. She started her serious training at Trumpets and was given a break to join mall shows of different products for children. In fact, last June 2006, she have been to Korea as one of the Philippine representatives to endorse the tourism in the country. There, their group won the Best Performance Award among the numerous delegates from other countries. She had also appeared in Mano Po 5 , as the young Charity, who later became Angel Locsin.

When asked to rate herself accordingly from 1(lowest) to 10(highest), here is what she said; when it comes to singing, she is 5. She don't want to brag about the talent naturally given to her. She is really a beginner, but when it comes to her age, you will agree to me that she is really advanced. In dancing, she gave herself an 8. And she gave a 5 to herself in acting. Despite of her busy schedules, she sees to it not to forget about her studies, and gave herself an 8. She never get exhausted, especially in school, as she is in the top ten of her class.

Although she did not win in the Little Big Superstar, she still strive hard to improve and share her talents. Her aim is really not to have a title, but to perform on stage and learn. As part of her training, she is depriving herself from eating chocolates, ice creams, and other sweets and iced drinks. She believes in these equations: Talent + Discipline = Career; and Career + Respect = Success.

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